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Made with sour cream and fresh herbs, salt and pepper, cream, bacon, onion, garlic, oil, pumpkin, potatoes, water, chicken or bacon stock, fresh herbs | CDKitchen.com

Made with chives or parsley, chicken bouillon cubes, potatoes, parsley, leeks, water, salt, black pepper, onions, butter, carrot, evaporated milk, celery | CDKitchen.com

The Pioneer Woman's 7 Can Soup recipe! One of Ree Drummond's best. Perfect for chilly nights and camping. Add this to your soup recipes board!

Made with milk, butter, onion, flour, salt, white pepper, thyme, garlic powder, chicken bouillon, water, cheddar cheese, broccoli | CDKitchen.com

Made with minced clams, bacon, onion, potatoes, carrot, cream of mushroom soup, evaporated milk, black pepper | CDKitchen.com

Made with fresh dill, sour cream, beets, chicken stock, onion, lemon, salt, sugar | CDKitchen.com

Made with salt and pepper, bay leaf, heavy whipping cream, beef stock, butter, onion, celery, flour, garlic, tomatoes, fresh basil, tomato puree | CDKitchen.com

Made with olive oil, russet potatoes, green cabbage, onion, canned vegetable broth, beets, tomatoes, lemon juice, sour cream, fresh parsley, lemon | CDKitchen.com

Made with half and half, onion, butter or margarine, flour, water, chicken bouillon, frozen chopped broccoli, cheddar cheese | CDKitchen.com

Made with turkey, water, celery, frozen mixed vegetables, chicken broth, poultry seasoning, black pepper, elbow macaroni or bowtie pasta | CDKitchen.com

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