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Cosplayer: Lena Litvinova 'aka' Ryoko Demon. From: Russia. Character: Harley Quinn. Version: Ame Comi. From: Batman, DC Comics & Animation Series. Event: Chibi Fest 2013. Photo: Kifir.

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Harley Quinn is without a doubt my favorite comic book character. I would LOVE to do a steampunk interpretation of her along with my other Harley costumes.

If Ben Affleck is Batman…

If Ben Affleck is going to be the new batman, these should be his nemisis'! I will say one thing and one thing only about the new choice for batman: NO!!!! HE WAS ALREADY DAREDEVIL.BYOU CAN'T JUST MAKE HIM ANOTHER SUPER HERO TOO

Awesome Kratos Cosplay

The God of War is in the house. Incredible cosplay, of a somewhat problematic game franchise admittedly, but it doesn't detract from the artistry of this amazing guy's work. (photo credit: DalaiMickey)