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An American Disgrace

Trump's campaign just doesn't think things through, like having T and P in the logo, or a slogan that can work against him just by changing a single word. (Make America Grape Again, etc.) @GOP, @realDonaldTrump

I'd Like to Ask: HILLARY HATES: This Brutal New Benghazi Ad… So Spread It Everywhere Read more at

"And we're both misogynists! Aw, hell, we're just bigots. That's why the white supremacists and neo-Nazis support us like no other serious presidential candidate in modern history!" - Trump probably

Why are Republicans telling Trump to apologize to McCain? Since President Obama was elected they've made it the norm to be Nasty, Rude, Offensive, Lie, Bigoted and Destructive. Now everybody's up in arms because they think Trump crossed the line.....Republicans have crossed the line and been completely "Out of Control" for the last 7 years!!! I for one hope Trump keeps running his Big Mouth to remind people just how Awful Republicans Are!!!!

ANOTHER REASON NOT TO VOTE FOR JEB BUSH..... Jeb Bush: I Would Govern Like Lyndon Johnson as President IMO: One very scary statement. LBJ was a closet socialist who took everything the Democrat Party tried to say it stood for and dumped it all in the trash bin of Marxism. His "Great Society" was nothing short of a Communist Utopia being installed in America. Look how well this turned out!

Dad *Secretly* Tapes Daughter Every Saturday Morning. What He Sees? HILARIOUS!

Dad *Secretly* Tapes Daughter Every Saturday Morning. What He Sees? HILARIOUS! -