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Using Pallets in the Garden

Awesome Using Pallets in the Garden If you have a handful of pallets that you used in the past, you may now be considering leaving them to rot or throwing them in the trash. Instead, you...

Using Pallets in the Garden

Considering Leaving,Pallets Garden,1001 Pallets,Handful,In The Garden

Pallet Garden Furniture

We would like to buy garden furniture, but we had lot of pallets from our business, therefore we made these furniture for our terrace. [symple_box color="gray" fade_in="false" float="center" text_align="left" width="100%"] Website: Jasmine DIY ! Submitted by: Jasmine Diy ! [/symple_box]

Pallet Eco-friendly Furniture

I made these items (chair, bench, table) using second hand wooden pallets. I also make a variety of different products by simply upcycling and recycling pallets into smart eco friendly furniture. I just love pallets and what you can do…