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Explore La Ladakh, Bull Team and more!

mind blowing!!! F1 in Khardung la, ladakh...hats off red bull team!!

Our sky is blue, our grass is green, our snow is white...but at sunrise and sunset they blaze with colors so intense we think about the sky as being on fire and we marvel that it can happen. Carol (Mono Lake, California.)

Mount Hua in Shaanxi province, China. It is one of China's Five Great Mountains, and has a long history of religious significance.

Street Photography in Hong Kong – Nathan Road and more

Mini buses packed the narrow rustic looking streets adorned by neon shop signages. It could only be in HK :)

This blog is simply a collection of photos (some my own, some not), etc. that I find beautiful, amusing, poignant, or that I can relate to in some way. I have a soft spot for beautiful photos of Cape Breton (Nova Scotia, Canada) and Massachusetts (USA).