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THIS is the jeep I want. <3 the color!

Regardez cette photo Instagram de @forgeoverland • 6,744 J’aime

Because 1 just doesnt explain it. #itsalifestyle @jaystrophyhunts | #trucklove #quicksand #trdpro #toyotausa #toyotatundra #yotanation #4x4 #offroad #outdoors #explore #adventure #letsgoplaces #tundraoffroad

So pattie why did you vandelize all of my houses and my at the time boyfriends and his mom's and the galies? And Billy's house that works in warrants office because your lilbasterdfucked up. I confronted his friend in the gay green Jeep he pussied out. Funny you know you reap what you sew More

Ughhh!! Racism In Our Own Country? Police Arrests Nigerian Man After His Car Was Bashed By White Men Who Tried To Flee Reports trending on social media reveal a group of Europeans turned the table around against some Nigerians with the members of the Nigeria Police Force dancing to their tune. According to the mind-boggling story some purportedly erring white men from Poland easily secured a preferential treatment against some citizens of Abuja. The victims had their vehicle bashed…

Burnaby police have released a video of thieves driving a stolen Jeep Cherokee straight into Metropolis at Metrotown."A mall janitor is probably angry not just because he almost got run over by a bunch of crooks, but also because they just made his job a lot harder.Four thieves in a stolen Jeep Cherokee drive into the Metropolis in Metrotown Mall in Burnaby, British Columbia, using it to smash through two jewellery stores for a heist. Burnaby RCMP released the video filmed on September 14th…