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Here’s What Successful CEOs Say You Should Do In Your Twenties

Your career isn't meant to fill you with dread when you think of the coming Monday and the four work days to follow.  But if it does, this reason and eight others could be a sign it’s time to push yourself out of autopilot and accept you need a change.

Tuesday Ten: The Items Every Woman Should Have In Her Desk

10 things every woman should keep in her desk at work {by lauren conrad}

Inspirational Pencils

We're excited to launch The Happiness Planner pencils with words of inspiration to help keep you inspired and motivated every day. Features ; 10 Hexagone penci

Work Life Balance: How to Create A Happy and Productive Daily Routine

Work Life Balance : how to create a daily routine of happiness and productivity…

Email has become the name of the game when it comes to professional communications. But the overall ease of emailing can sometimes lead to grammatical errors, shoddily constructed sentences, a lack of digital professionalism, or worst of all, just bad manners. That's why we're breaking it down for you. |

6 Amazing Free Online Courses To Upgrade Your Business Skills

Let’s get smart: 6 amazing free online courses to upgrade your business skills. |

How to create a morning routine for a positive + productive day

I’ve experimented a lot this year with my morning routine and how I’ve established an amazing routine that sets the tone for a positive, focused and intentional {read: happier} day. So I wanted to share with you the 3 simple steps for you to create your own rockin’ morning routine that works for your schedule. Aanndd as an extra bonus I’ve created a handy worksheet to help you record your answers and create your routine. {GRAB YOUR WORKSHEET HERE} The truth is, there is no ‘right’ wa...

The 9 Best TED Talks to Help You Kick Ass at Work (and in Life)

The 9 Best TED Talks to Help You Kick Ass at Work (and in Life) #tedtalks #work #inspiration

6 Scientific Hacks to Keep You Focused at Work

"Get rid of items you don’t need, store things you don’t use often, and organise everything that you need within arm’s reach."