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Correction time!

If I Were the Devil - by PAUL HARVEY Long time radio newsman/commentator. This was updated as the years went by & therefore versions of it vary over time. It is a warning to America about its own decay. It is exactly what Agenda 21 has been doing for over 20 years.

TomCat aka Angry Tom on

I know God's calling for me at THIS TIME IN MY LIFE is to save America from the Democrat Party!

New York Times Finally Notices Obama’s Unilateral Abuse of Power

The New York Times Admits That Virtually Every Major News Organization Allows The News To Be Censored By Government Officials~~~~~~SHAMEFUL!!!~~

Mark Twain was correct. It is difficult to convince some people Obama fooled them in 2008. I just don't understand why after 4 years of making our lives harder, they think he is doing a good job as president or that the next 4 will be any better than the last.

Hitler said it, now the REPUBLICANS are saying it, too! I wonder why... Wisconsin, and several other right-wing states, is a "Right to Work" state. Right to Work laws reduce workers' rights and takes away their right to strike.

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