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Chef Tess Bakeresse: How To Make Homemade Mylar-Packed 52 Method Convenience Meals for Camping and Beyond!

Healthy Lean Protein Veggie Hearty Soup Base Meals in a Jar (The 52 method with Chef Tess) | In The Kitchen With Honeyville

Zeer Pot - refrigeration without electricity: 2 clay pots (1 small enough to fit inside the other), clay/sealer, sand, towel, water.

Cooking without Electricity Here is a calculation for how much charcoal you need to cook 365 meals: FORMULA Take the # of Dutch Oven meals planned for the year____ X 20 briquettes per meal =_____ divided by 30 briquettes per pound = pounds needed. EXAMPLE 365 meals X 20 briquettes = 7300 divided by 30 = about 243 lbs or about 12-20 lb bags, or about 16 – 15 lb bags NOTE: Kingston charcoal was estimated as 18 briquettes per pound

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