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Bear is out for revenge after the unfortunate destruction of his famed wood carvings. Meanwhile, Chris battles depression after getting the shit kicked out of him by loan sharks. for more D630

Set 3 months before episode 1, Chris awakens in a compost heap after a night of heavy drinking. Meanwhile, Maromaty is tasked with finding Chris, and they meet a few new friends along the way. Featuring appearances by Bear and Alpine Jones.

Chris has moved to a new house with a dog and a roommate named Pat, but something tells me that Bear will drop in to pay a visit.

Chris is on the hunt for Bear due to a "sucker punch." Meanwhile, Bear gets a documentary made about himself. Make sure you check out for more!

The boys' plans to see "Diary of a Wimpy Kid" go awry when Wally suggests a shortcut. Meanwhile, Bear operates a successful business in the woods, and Chris learns a hard lesson about life. Visit for more D630!

Trouble is brewing in The Dirty Six Thirty when Wally discovers his credit card has been stolen! Also, Chris makes a new friend, and Bear does some funny shit. Visit for more Dirty Six Thirty, and check out our FB:

Chris is in deep with the loan sharks after making an unfortunate wager for the Browns, a classic mistake. He must turn to his friend Bear for help, while a ghost from his past may come to haunt him. Please check out for more episodes!

Piney decides to take his mind off of his recent arrest by hosting a poker game; Wally tries to help Chris, who is having a rough time coping with his past. for more!

Chris has hit rock bottom after an unfortunate incident with his dog. Meanwhile, Bear plots for a way to get back into Chris' apartment. check out for more

Chris has a hot date in the city, and promises to get Wally and Piney laid, too!