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Inspired by another Pinner, I tried this with my class. 1. Soak sheets of construction paper in room temperature water for 5 minutes. 2.Tear paper into small pieces. (about 1 inch square or smaller. 3.Mix paper and water (we used a stick blender) but you can use a blender or hand mixer. 4.Strain pulp mixture 5. Spread on a lined cookie sheet to dry and sprinkle with seeds ( we also dried in a 250 degree oven for about an hour) 6. After it is completely dry cut into shapes.

These kids worked together to build the tallest castle they could. When it got too tall for them to reach, they asked for a stool to stand on. The castle collapsed and was rebuilt. These kids worked as a group, cooperating and collaborating to create this beautiful castle.

Mirror Self Portraits. The children looked at their reflections, noticing the different characteristics and the uniqueness of their faces. They chose from a variety of collage materials for their hair and chose the paint that closest matched their skin. They painted their faces as they saw them.

Number Recognition: Fall Tree Number Matching

A fall math activity for preschoolers. Learn number identification and develop fine motor skills with this fun fall tree!

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