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One–pot Vietnamese Beef Stew

Is there anything better or more comforting than a slow-cooked one-pot meal when the temperature drops and days grow shorter? Casseroles, stews, curries and pot roasts – they are good for the soul. The fact that they require little effort and minimal washing up doesn’t hurt either. I am currently pretty obsessed with one-pot wonders given...Read More »

Renew Embossing Plate by Baking - by Chrissy. When your embossing plate looks like the one on the left, wrap it in a single layer of foil, place in an oven-proof flat dish, and place another dish (the heavier the better) on top. Preheat oven to 170C (about 325F) and bake for 30 minutes. Carefully remove it from the oven & unwrap, using hot pad mitts (It will be VERY hot!). Let cool. Wash the plate to remove any debris. Then it should look like the one on the right. I tried this, & it works!

I didn't even know what this post was about but when I started reading the top bit i read be careful making wishes in the dark and had to reread it XD

White dish towel or hand towel ring holder, great for holding towels and more in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, laundry, nursery, etc

Stylish and useful, this little gadget holds a towel (among other things!) quite securely, so you dont have to keep picking them up off the floor! Traditional crocheted towel toppers are nice, but they are permanently attached to the towel, and get ratty after you wash them several times. I LOVE this because you just remove the towel when it gets dirty and put another one in it - no need to wash it so it looks nice WAY longer one that is attached to a towel! These make EXCELLENT gifts!! SAVE…