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Swing state papers in Colorado, Ohio, North Carolina, and Arizona (yes, Arizona is turning out to be a 2012 surprise of a swing state) endorsed President Obama this weekend. They write that Romney has no core conviction other than thinking he should be president, and the Pulitzer Prize-winning Akron Beacon Journal writes that Romney’s comments about the 47% render him unworthy of the presidency,

"Gold is the money of kings, Silver is the money of gentlemen, Barter is the money of the poor; Credit cards is the money of slaves."

"If we paid our teachers what we pay our celebrities, maybe one day we'd be smart enough to actually know better..." - Sir Ken Robinson #truth #quote #education #teachers #mediabistroEDU go:

Bernie Sanders' Platform : Taking this country back from the Billionaires that bought it from the Republican Party !!!

VOTE DEMOCRATIC! "I didn't cause this deficit." Who did? You know in your heart whether you admit it or not!

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Hillary 2016 on Twitter: "Confirmed: Hillary will announce her campaign today. We're ready!!!!