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Операция "Кастрация" :))19.7.14. Situation map of Eastern Ukraine, released by the Defense Council of the Ukrainian Republic.

Piece of fuselage of MH17 in a village street, Eastern Ukraine. What look like splinter damage and traces of burns are visible. A forensic analysis of this part, if it can still be found, may well prove a missile hit, and the origin of the explosive.

MH17. Bellingcat expains why Russia provides radar information so late. 26.09.2016

Новости Украины ‏@Dbnmjr 7.7.14 #Донецк. Trying to hide a big gun in Donetsk. It looks like a 100mm BS-3 gun, many of which have been sent from Russia to the " Novorussian Army"

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Deleted People's Republic of Donetsk tweet confirming Russian rebels indeed have a BUK-M1.

Водитель "автобуса смерти": нас обстреляли со стороны Волновахи - A diagram showing the rocket attack that hit the bus near Dokuchevsk on 01/13/2015.

Alexey Golubev А вот и еще подтверждение наличия РЗУ "БУК" у террористов (г.Торез) из которых сбили БОИНГ Амстердам - Куала-Лумпур ... КОРОЧЕ РОССИИ ПРИШЕЛ ПИНДЫК!!!!! 280 пассажиров. одних детей похоже погибло 80!!!!! Now well known photo of a Buk launcher on tank transporter in Eastern Ukraine.