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Interview with an American volunteer fighting for the pro-Russian rebels in Donetsk. Vice News. 04.23.2015

The "white trucks". What the Ukrainian are seeing...

Photos: Ukrainian sailors "hanging quilt" block Russian ships _ News _ Tencent (to prevent boarding)

фото расстрела украинского батальона. Extensive damage after a Ukrainian motorized brigade was hit with a BM-21 Grad "Hail" rocket barrage on 11-07-2014 in the village of Zelenopillya,near the Russian border, in the Luhansk Oblast. At least 19 Ukrainian soldiers and 4 border guards were killed and nearly one hundred wounded. Many vehicles were damaged or destroyed, including tank, APC and trucks. It may not be official, but it is a war. The border is the most important strategic objective.

This is how the story about MH17 developed:1.On morning of July 17, "Pro-Russian" militants state they have captured a "Buk" launcher and show pictures. 2. "Pro-Russians" shoot down a plane and boast that it is an Ukrainian military aircraft (Antonov-26). 3. All YouTube and pro-russian FB and Twitter communities celebrate this fact and post a video of the burning plane. 4. Ten minutes later, there are reports that the downed aircraft is a passenger airliner. The posts then by…

Кот Вопроскин on

Crimea 2014 #RussianSpring #politepeople #вежливыелюди. An Ukrainian serviceman is allowed a short meeting with his significant other.