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Equestrian center in Thessaloniki | Students: Velli Eva, Kampani Marialena Supervisors: G.Papakostas , J.Tsoukalas Aristotle University of Thessaloniki-Faculty of engineering

It's oh, so quiet: The eerie abandoned towns that have been left to rust and gather dust

The Church of Saint Demetrius, or Hagios Demetrios, is the main sanctuary dedicated to Saint Demetrius, the patron saint of Thessaloniki (in Central Macedonia, Greece), dating from a time when it was the second largest city of the Byzantine Empire. It is part of the site Palaeochristian and Byzantine Monuments of Thessaloniki on the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO since 1988.

My Big Fat Greek Road Trip - Athens to Thessaloniki And Back

My Big Fat Greek Road Trip - Travel with me through ancient and modern Greece. Athens - Arachova - Meteora - Trikala - a hidden secret! - Thessaloniki - Athens

Greek Sesame Bread rings recipe (Koulouri Thessalonikis)

Who said making your own bread is always a chore? Never again, with these hand picked, super easy bread, pita and buns recipes! Give them a go and you will wonder why you have never tried making your own bread before!

WWI, Jan 1917; Child refugee, Salonika. ©IWM

Byzantine, 13th century AD From Thessaloniki, Greece St George and St Demetrius Three inscriptions identify the figures and history behind this complex small box. On the base is a medallion enamelled with a half-length bust of St George. He is identified by red letters and surrounded by a Greek inscription which translates, '[The wearer] prays that you will be his fiery defender in battles'.