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MELBOURNE, FLA.—Nicolette Zahner, who is working on a master’s degree in conservation biology and ecology at Florida Institute of Technology, has earned a 2012 National Science Foundation (NSF) Graduate Research Fellowship Program Fellowship for her study of mosquito production and food webs in mitigated vs. natural wetlands. A mitigated wetland is one created by humans …

These classroom tested products include the complete analysis, color-coded summary, and activities for the Grade 8, STAAR released test selections:Wetlands and WetheadsFinally HomeThumbprintClassrooms of the FutureThe Peace Corps: Service to the WorldMy Wandering HorseThis product includes effective activities to differentiate instruction and make analysis fun and engaging!

The oriental small-clawed otter also known as the Asian small-clawed otter is the smallest otter species in the world weighing less than 5 kg. It lives in mangrove swamps and freshwater wetlands from Bangledesh to Vietnam.Its paws are a distinctive feature its claws not extending beyond the fleshy end pads of its partially webbed fingers and toes. This gives it a high degree of manual dexterity so that it can use its paws to feed on molluscs crabs and other small aquatic animals.

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