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Mix horizontals and verticals Play with your book arrangements to find the best configuration for your space. Mix horizontally stacked books with classically positioned uprights for an informal look. This is also a great cheat for any oversized books that are too tall to stand upright on shelves.

Dantoy Stacking Tug Boat Color: Blue. Finally a really big boat for the tub! Children will love this oversized 12" boat made of strong durable plastic to withstand rugged play. High play value, safety for children and product durability are just a few key aspects that reflect the quality of Dantoy products.

VM example of SCALE (oversized ice cream) HUMOR (Tiffany's ring is the cherry on top) SURPRISE (to see a scoop of ice cream on the floor) LINE (the straight line of stacked ice cream, starting at eye level to catch the eye, then draws it down to the floor and product)

Plastic Storage Bins - 10 Products You Need To Live Your Most Organized Life - Southernliving. Buy It: $7.99; amazon.com These handy plastic bins come in all shapes and sizes—including narrow shoebox-style bins (great for organizing bathroom supplies), under-the-bed boxes (ideal for gift wrap), and oversized bins (perfect for long-term seasonal storage). They’re made for stacking, and their sturdy, latching lids won’t budge.

Check out these 12 gorgeous ceramic coffee mugs at Holly Jo's Coffee. Pottery has been an ancient form of art that archeologists have used to explore ancient cultures...

First up, the gabion: natural stone piled up and held together with wire. It's unexpected and packs both an industrial and natural look. Here's a materials secret: Builders often fill the center with something inexpensive, sturdy and heavy, taking up up a ton of space for less cost. Then higher-quality stone can be poured into the parts we can actually see.

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