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The businessman makes $1,000,000 per year and provides $50,000,000 worth of jobs to the employees of his company; the celebrity makes $50,000,000 per year and donates $100,000 to charity. Whether 'liberal' is the right term or not, the point is that there is a movement of people for which Ellen DeGeneres is a part of, for which their logic is not logically ethical or balanced. Yet they want to influence and coerce others to their way of thinking.

Advocating for the Unborn: An Interview with Dr. Alveda King

Margaret Sanger is the founder of Planned Parenthood, an organization which was recently caught accepting donations earmarked for aborting black babies.

White House aide says Barack Obama team 'controlled' the media

ABC, CBS, NBC,CNN, MSNBC, have lost all integrity and credibility. Witholding information is as criminal as distorting it. THEY ARE ALL GUILTY of doing both.

THIS is NOT a conspiracy theory. THIS is NOT a right wing, nut job fabrication. THiS is REALITY! THIS is WRONG. ALL should have their right to worship without fear or retaliation or retribution. STAND UP PEOPLE!