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Huge meringues and soft baked cookies (photo credit: @sheilasuppiah) #meringue #cookies #food #boroughmarket #london #LHRBRU #LHR2016

Meringue Rose Cookies (Passion 4 baking)

Hi everyone, Today I made this pretty meringues roses, and posted it on instagram, so many ask for the recipe so I thought I do another blog-post today just for You that asked. Meringue Rose Cookies

Chocolate and Salted Caramel Swirled Meringues

Meringue Kisses (Bakerella)

So these were really fun to whip up. Cute. Colorful. Adorable. And you only need two ingredients to make...

Rosewater, Raspberry and White Chocolate Vacherin (Meringue Cake)

Can you believe this thing? It's monstrously pretty I'm am a tiny bit concerned that I might have used up all my femininity in creating this tower of floral pinkness. Although, this is unlikely giv...