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Summertime rolls in and so does he, carefree and magical, just like the season. We whisper our love for each other, always, even though we know that when the trees lose their leaves, we will lose each other, and I will long for the next's year's summer.

I dream of kissing you under falling snowflakes, and in the rain, and especially under water...I can't wait darling:) and I dream of never ever saying gooodbye. I love you, and just want to see that adorable smile of yours rn:)

(By Kristen Clark) I may be married now, but I was single for 24 years and I know exactly what it’s like to have unfulfilled sexual desires. In fact, I have a really embarrassing story to confess t…

Oh how sweet. I have one of these they at great!! I bought mine online for It's good to take them on long car rides for photoshoot a so you don't have to lug around your computer you can upload them right then and there so you don't risk losing th!!