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Perfetch - 3D scanning technology into measuring human body measurements. The Perfetch Cube, can present accurate 3D models that capture detailed human body measurements within 5 seconds.

Masimo's iPhone oximeter puts vital health information at the tip of your finger (hands-on)

Masimo's iSpO2 pulse oximeter. This type of technology would allow anyone to test their pulse, anywhere and whenever they want. It is more convenient and accurate than taking the pulse by hand. It gives more in-depth data. The only inconvenience is that only users with a smart phone can use this device since it's only compatible for iOS.

Notch: Wearable Movement Capture Sensors and Apparel. #Activity tracker module uses "IMUs (Inertial Measurement Units) to track and capture your movements either continuously or on-demand with record / pause / stop functions." Companion app. Modules work independently, but many can be worn simultaneously for movement profiles. Sends haptic notifications via tiny vibration motors. In development. #fitness