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Better Living Through Dyeing: Dyeing with Daffodils and Scotch Broom

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sztanko.github.io Soltice street alignments

Flatware holders made by Mistress Anya and Mistress Shoshanna of Atenveldt. These were gifts for the populae attending this food based competition event. These would be nice for largesse. I will post one more pic to show detail.

Medieval Visby Gauntlet

Lamellar armour consists of hundreds of small rectangular iron, leather, or bronze plates (scales or lamellae) which are pierced in various locations and laced together into horizontal rows to the proper length needed to construct a particular armour item. When the lames are made of leather they can be hardened by a process such as cuir bouilli (boiled leather) or lacqueringI. Boiling ithe lames in water causes the leather to be harder but more brittle.

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