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How-Tuesday: Herbal Salves

DIY Herbal Salves: 4. After about a minute, check the consistency of the salve by removing the saucer from the freezer and testing it with your finger. If it’s very hard, add more infused oil. If it’s too soft, add more grated beeswax. Aim for a consistency that will work well as a salve (I prefer mine on the creamy side so I can use it as a heavy-duty gardening balm).

10 Things to Make With Plantain (The Nerdy Farm Wife)

Plantain is a common leafy green weed found all over the world. If you have a yard or have visited a park before, you’ve likely spotted or stepped on plantain! Like most things deemed as “weeds”, plan

How to Make Poison Ivy Soap with Jewelweed

Poison Ivy Soap Recipe with Jewel Weed - a natural remedy for posion ivy, oak, and sumac. Helps stop it from spreading or breaking out in the first place.

Homemade Natural Chest Rub : did you know the leading chest rub on the market contains petroleum and turpentine oil?! I don’t want to put that nasty chemical on my skin! This natural remedy uses coconut oil + eucalyptus, peppermint, & lemon Essential Oils.