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Daisy is a sweet heart and big sister to her human sister Victoria who is 2.5yrs old. She is consistently worried about her, plays with her and protects her against all the little elements of the world. Daisy was abandoned by her dog mother at 4 weeks old, and was adopted by her human mommy at 8 weeks old. Daisy loves to give you hugs (she puts her paws on your shoulders & lays her head on your shoulder), she loves to give you kisses on your nose when asked.

Dog Nail Polish in Love Red

Mommy & Me Nail Polish 10 Second Dry Super fast dry, one-coat, easy to use formula makes polishing fun!! Safe for humans & dogs—free of t...

CHINO...Apply to adopt me at -My name is Chino and I am a one-year-old ;Chig a Chihuahua-ItalianGreyhound mix. My beginnings were not nice, nor were the humansinvolved kind to me, so I am just now learning to trust humans. Myfoster mommy...

Pink Snow Suit "Ruffin It" <3

mommy's girl If I had the money this would be first on my list. Snoopy is so much more then just my girl or my dog. She is the best non-human gift GOD has ever given me and I am so very lucky to have her in my life.