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BalaramStackreleasedtwonutseditsinlessthanaweek:"25Savage"and"PanamaRad."Wetooklibertieswiththetitleofthelatter.Itjustseemedsoappropriate. Photo: @lukeforgay

Two weeks on Tavarua in between and after the heats. Live on the site now. @dusty_payne pic by @tomservaisjr | @tavaruaislandresort

After a wildly successful @oneillusa #waveofthewinter event from the North Shore we decided to continue the fun into the Southern Hemisphere winter. Contest starts up in June and will include all waves south of the equator (like Teahupoo here.) Check the site for more details.

One last look at the majesty of Cloudbreak before we turn our attention to the run of Southern Hemis on their way to the Americas. Full final freesurf and behind the scenes gallery on the site. @anthony_walsh_ pic by @tomservaisjr | @tavaruaislandresort

Surfing is sometimes a total mystery: Unidentified surfer undisclosed location audience of one. Pic by @haydenoneill

Editing photos for #fstop can be a cruel process. This month we're celebrating Indonesia because well it's that time of year Here's a taste by @jamiescottimages -- full gallery coming soon. @quiksilver