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Morning coffee (39 photos)

What If I grab you, and push you in the bathroom, I could make out with you and tell you I love you.... And you say "It's not gonna work, it's not gonna work, it's not gonna work" and I say "we can work it out, we can work it out, we can work it out"

loves: babies, sweaters, laughter, fresh flowers, pale pink, hardwood floors, eyelashes, wine, foamy cappuccinos, airports, reading, people watching, boating, sparkly nail polish, whispers, road trips, puppy breath

Send clear signals to get him to ask you out It’s hard trying to figure out what another person’s thinking so if you want a guy to ask you out, make sure you’re sending out crystal … Great site! Lots of good articles

Painting my life black and white; balance and purity. Leaving it B&W would be boring, My triumphs are the accent of my life. Failures are not defects, it only shows that we are human; we have experienced and we have learned Life.

Halfway through my engagement  shoot with Justine & Joe, they had me laughing my loud, cackling unattractive laugh-- you know, that one I only reserve for when

take a picture every season tand hang in a four square frame. This would be great to put with our wedding stuff when we finally get it all displayed again since our "fall themed" wedding had the "to everything there is a season..." on the invitations.