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cardigan: (second-hand), acquired in 2013 (Minneapolis, MN). necklace: rhodocrosite on silver chain. top: (second-hand), acquired in 2013, (Minneapolis, MN). skirt: (second-hand), acquired in 2013, (Minneapolis, MN). shoes: American Eagle (second-hand), acquired in 2013 (Minneapolis, MN).

scarf: Banana Republic, gift from my husband, 2010. top: Isaac Mizrahi for Target, acquired in 2002. necklace: wood, my own design. skirt: (second-hand), acquired pre-1999 (Buffalo, NY). bag: nylon, gift from my dad. shoes: Teva, gift from my sister-in-law, 2013.

top: Juicy Couture (second-hand), acquired in 2014 (Minneapolis, MN). bag: beaded (second-hand), acquired in 2014 (Minneapolis, MN). skirt: acquired in 2013 (St. Paul, MN). shoes: American Eagle (second-hand), acquired in 2013 (Minneapolis, MN).

top: (second-hand), recent acquisition (Minneapolis, MN). bag: gift from my husband, 2009. skirt: (second-hand), acquired pre-1999 (Buffalo, NY). shoes: Richard Tyler (second-hand), acquired in 2013 (Minneapolis, MN).

necklace: agate, my own design. top: (second-hand), acquired in 2007 (New York, NY). bracelet: gift from my sister-in-law, 2014. skirt: silk, acquired in 2005 (Buffalo, NY). shoes: Nine West (second-hand), acquired in 2014 (Minneapolis, MN).

top: Ralph Lauren, belonged to my mother-in-law. cardigan: Garnet Hill, gift from my husband, 2011. bag: vinyl, acquired in 2010 (Aix-en-Provence, France). skirt: (second-hand), acquired in 2011 (Halifax, NS). shoes: Amalfi, acquired in 2013 (Minneapolis, MN).

vest: Urban Outfitters, acquired in 2008 (New York, NY). top: Liz Claiborne (second-hand), acquired in 2014 (Minneapolis, MN). bag: belonged to my mother-in-law skirt: (second-hand), acquired in 2012 (Halifax, NS). socks: Target, acquired in 2013 (Minneapolis, MN). shoes: American Apparel (second-hand), acquired in 2009 (New York, NY).

necklace: green calcite, gift from a friend, 2004. cardigan: (second-hand), acquired in 2013 (Minneapolis, MN). dress: hand made (second-hand), acquired pre-1999 (Buffalo, NY). bag: cotton (second-hand), acquired pre-1999 (Buffalo, NY). shoes: Payless, acquired in 2007 (Buffalo, NY).

scarf: (second-hand), recent acquisition. tunic: Ulla Johnson, gift from my husband, acquired in 2009. ring: sodalite, gift from my mother. watch: DKNY, acquired in 2011. bag: beaded (second-hand), recent acquisition, (Minneapolis, MN). belt: (second-hand), ?? pants: silk, gift from a friend, 2002. sandals: Born, recent acquisition, (Minneapolis, MN).

hat: Cushe, recent acquisition (Grand Marais, MN). necklace: glass beads, belonged to my grandmother. top: Hollister (second-hand), recent acquisition (Minneapolis, MN). shorts: Target, recent acquisition (Minneapolis, MN). sandals: Land's End, acquired pre-1999.