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The National Memo » Another Republican Senator Rejects Norquist’s Tax Pledge: The fraud is up, Grover and you should be facing federal indictments for bribing and threatening elected officials.

U.S. Presidential Libraries

Exploring 12 Monumental U.S. Presidential Libraries. Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. The Domestic Affairs Gallery of the Nixon Library showcases Nixon’s achievements in office, such as enforcing the desegregation of southern schools, the National Cancer Act, and landmark environmental legislation.

Venezuela’s UN envoy: Not concerned about US investigations. Venezuela will hold the Security Council presidency for the month of February, getting the chance to influence the agenda of the most powerful U.N. body: defending the national sovereignty of countries against what he saw as U.S. meddling in domestic affairs. He said Venezuela will also hold a debate on Feb. 11 where a number of countries under U.N. sanctions will address the council about their impact — a rare WP

The Destruction of Ferguson, Missouri [video] -

I dunno, maybe domestic problems and international affairs, trade, foreign relations with more than a hundred countries, war and military matters, national security, education and healthcare for 320 million people, energy, maybe running the most complex civilization in human history requires a bit more information than will fit in a goddamned TWEET. Situational awareness via bullet point. Last time we had a president who did that on a daily basis, we got 9/11.

NRA’s Opposition to UN Arms Trade Treaty: Shameless!

Jean Koeppel I rior to selling real estate, she held numerous prestigious positions in domestic politics and public affairs, including positions with the Business-Industry Political Action Committee and the National Assn. of Manufacturers. At just 29 years old, Ms. Koeppel was appointed to be V.P. of Government Relations at Chase Manhattan Bank in New York City.