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Indigo Bunting - I saw this in our back yard in Dothan, Alabama and also in the NE Georgia mountains - just stunning.

Fernandina's Flicker, Colaptes fernandinae: endemic to Cuba, its population of 600-800 birds makes it one of the most endangered species of woodpecker in the world

14 of North America's most endangered birds

14 of North America’s Most Endangered Birds | TreeHugger |

Whip-poor-Will. Adults have mottled plumage: the upperparts are grey, black and brown; the lower parts are grey and black. They have a very short bill and a black throat. Males have a white patch below the throat and white tips on the outer tail feathers; in the female, these parts are light brown. This bird is sometimes confused[4] with the related Chuck-will's-widow which has a similar but lower-pitched and slower call.