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This is astonishing... 2Q12 losses aside, it's hard to believe that JPM traders could be this successful without a little help. The system certainly isn't rigged, though, right? The markets represent a zero-sum game. So someone else is losing when JPM is winning 90% of the time in the last 13 quarters. I do wish the graphic went back further because it looks like losing 37% of the time (in 3Q07 to 1Q09 and 2Q12) might be abnormal. I'd love to bat .630 in the worst of times. I wonder how GS…

Drought’s Footprint - Graphic - --- More than half of the country was under moderate to extreme drought in June, the largest area of the contiguous United States affected by such dryness in nearly 60 years.

How Young Homeowners Lost Out by Buying

A Flurry of Housing Related Graphics Today... Follow this to some interesting research from Zillow.

Gigantic Map Reveals The Modern Pirate Hot Spots That Terrify Shippers Around The World

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