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Before You Give Up…

Relationships ~ New article, "Before You Give Up..." on my ‪#‎Relationships Blog (designed not to sell, but to teach!). Something new about Relationships is posted every 4th day! More than 695 FREE Articles! Tell your friends by clicking "SHARE." ~ Another Relationship HotSpot:

Questions to Ask Your Spouse Besides "How Was Your Day?"

Questions to Ask Your Spouse Besides, "How Was Your Day?" We all get in the rut of asking lame questions and receiving lame answers. Click through for some great ideas of more…

5 Healthy Things to do Before Your Next Relationship

5 Things to do to Help Your Next Relationship Last - This was such a GREAT read. These tips are so helpful and I feel very prepared for my next relationship! A MUST share for all of my single friends!

20 Traits of Emotional Abusers

While survivors of abuse may be thousands of miles apart, the strategies used by the toxic person, narcissist or sociopath in their lives, are eerily similar. There seems very little difference in how emotional abuse is perpetrated, even when it happens in different settings, like spousal abuse, parental abuse or even workplace bullying. So we are pretty confident that this list of traits of toxic people and the accompanying examples will help you spot the emotional abuser(s) in your life.

9 Signs You're Being Emotionally Abused In Your Relationship, Because Love Shouldn't Feel Manipulative

Noelito Flow

Its difficult when people distance themselves from you because of how you act, because of something you may have said, because you may be exhausting to them. What's worse is that they don't tell you why - they just smile from across the room or say a passing hi if you happen to be in the vicinity. I'm exhausted too, my mind actions and words are too much for me and I want it all to end. I didn't choose this illness - the rollercoaster ride I'm chained to for live. I'm doing my best.