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Who's Your Celebrity Boyfriend?

The beautiful Santorini - can't wait to revisit at some point in the future.

Cliff Beach, Corfu, Greece (The Best Travel Photos)

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A severe thunderstorm sparked the imagination of Kotsiopoulos, On Ikaria Island, he set his camera on a tripod and took repeated exposures, then combined 70 of them into a single frame. "After 83 minutes," he says, "I ended up with this wall of lightning"

The Church of Saint Demetrius, or Hagios Demetrios, is the main sanctuary dedicated to Saint Demetrius, the patron saint of Thessaloniki (in Central Macedonia, Greece), dating from a time when it was the second largest city of the Byzantine Empire. It is part of the site Palaeochristian and Byzantine Monuments of Thessaloniki on the list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO since 1988.

Reconstucted Byzantine style frescos of the 4th century AD 3 aisled basilica of Saint Demetrius, or Hagios Demetrios, a Palaeochristian and Byzantine Monument of Thessaloniki, Greece. A UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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