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Board Games: Kevin Sharkey's Cheeseboard Picks

Creamy Cremont . An oozing cheese needs a well-structured, texture-rich base -- these cranberry-pistachio, and pumpkin-seed studded crisps deliver on both counts.

4 Decadent Cheese Plates

Monte Enebro (top left) Spanish goat cheese with rind composed of ash & mold; with age, the paste nearest the rind becomes runny & piquant with notes of bitter black walnut. Tomme Vaudoise(bottom)young raw milk cheese—with a buttery, sweet flavor. Ossau-Iraty Vielle (right)- raw sheep's milk cheese from the French Pyrenees has a nutty, salty flavor with a deep, complex caramelized flavor. Membrillo (bottom right); Harvest Song Walnut Preserves (center); flavors of allspice & cinnamon.

Finding Dairyland: Wisconsin's Cheese Universe