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Matthew Carter designed this font to generate minimal file size in the early days of computer typefaces.

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Foro is an ele­gant slab serif by Hoftype fea­tur­ing 8 weights and ital­ics.

Flux Architect Font Phrases

Walker Matthew Carter (British, born 1937) 1995. Digital typeface, Variable. Gift of Carter & Cone Type, Inc.

Matthew Carter, walker typeface, 1995. Snap-on Serifs and other variables extend the formal range.

Design by Dirk Fowler

type designer, ,Bell Centennial, Big Caslon, Bitstream Charter, Big Figgins, Carter Sans, Cascade Script, Elephant, Fenway, ITC Galliard, Gando Georgia, Mantinia, Meiryo (Latin range) Miller, Monticello Nina, Olympian Rocky, Shelley Script, Snell, Roundhand, Skia, Sophia, Tahoma, Verdana, Vincent Walke, Wilson, Greek, Wrigley, Yale

London Airport Lettering typeface by Matthew Carter/Frederick Gibberd, 1961 | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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