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Retour à Valega, Azulejos au crochet !

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#RT Every thought, every emotion and every action is a vibrational energy frequency. Are you projecting positive frequencies? Choose your thoughts, feelings and actions wisely and be part of the positive change. Bach helps transform your negative thoughts and emotions.

Root Chakra Affirmation: I am safe. The Earth supports me, nourishes me and nurtures me. I stand tall on my Ancestor's shoulders. I have strength and courage to create a wonderful life and a better world. All is well.

How Meditation Can Change Your Life for the Better

Self-Nurture!: Putting these principles into practice and letting go of all this!!!

Good Vibes here (The Good Vibe)

because throughout confusion nature strikes with time completeness once again and that shows that there is a God. We can breathe here through our troubles. And no matter your anxiousness about it, the wind will speak to you that it's alright.

Let go of what bothers you and live in the moment. Go outside & enjoy nature. Swim. Bike. Run. Walk. Create your own peace by making time for yourself and enjoying the earth.