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Raspberry Blood Orange Cake

fresh raspberries and a blood orange glaze | Raspberry Blood Orange Cake| Recipe by Tessa Huff for

Hands-Free Alexa on Raspberry Pi

Hack Your Teddy Ruxpin with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, and Alexa #piday #raspberrypi @Raspberry_Pi « Adafruit Industries – Makers, hackers, artists, designers and engineers!

Build a Raspberry Pi-Powered Amazon Echo

Build a Raspberry Pi-powered Amazon Echo: an Instructable from Toglefritz.

You can’t unsee Tedlexa, the Internet of Things/AI bear of your nightmares

You can’t unsee Tedlexa, the Internet of Things/AI bear of your nightmares; A Teddy Ruxpin + an Arduino + a Raspberry Pi + Amazon Alexa = What could go wrong?

Amazon Has an Official Guide for Building Your Own Alexa Device with a Raspberry Pi

We’ve shown off one way to build your own Amazon Echo before (or more accurately, Amazon Tap because the DIY version can’t access the always-listening feature), but if you’re looking for a different approach, the Amazon GitHub page has an incredibly detailed guide to getting the Alexa voice service up and running on a Raspberry Pi.

Alexa Ruxpin - Raspberry Pi & Alexa Powered Teddy Bear - Tinkernut Labs

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