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Kandy is one sugar coated treat that will definitely ruin your dinner! #lingerie #brunettes #beautiful

Cane Hill, abandoned asylum. I was drawn to this image at first becasue of the type (this is something im interested in) i then was fasinated by the structure and depth thata the image holds. Becasue of the type this peice almost tells a story, we can see the 'Fire exit' the exit route that once was. The paint decay and rust adds to the details and ives that sense of growth and development.

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Ray-ban Men Mod. 3498 Sunglasses, matte black (matte black), size 61

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Discover 3+1 Mystical UK Breaks for Your next Getaway

This is real thoe because two girls went to their friends house and they stabbed her multiple times all over her body and obviously killed her. And when they went to court they blamed slenderman. I am not sure how the rest went but I think it's bad enough that happened, To the ones who did it I say FUCK YOU!!! You took a life and it wasn't yours, you killed and they had no choice in the matter you soiled the name humanity.

Sakho's Swarovski-studded Superfly II

It doesn't look like you could play soccer in these. I guess they are for the preppy girls.

S.H.I.E.L.D. Recruit Survival Tip #251:If you have been recruited to S.H.I.E.L.D., then you have passed the mandatory swimming test already. Pretending to drown while Avengers are present so as to be rescued by Captain Rogers is strongly discouraged. Trying to get rescued by Agent Romanov is doomed to fail. [Submitted by elkian]