305 Spring Themed Math & Word Problems Grade 3 from St Aiden's Homeschool & Classroom/Teacher Resources on TeachersNotebook.com - (68 pages) - Spring-themed Math worksheets third grade. Basic operations, addition, subtraction and multiplication, as well as some fun word problems, disguised in a spring theme. Aimed at Grade 3.

These colorful fraction kites will brighten up your room/boards! It's simple - you have the kids choose five colors they want to use on their kite grid. They make their own design. After, on the ribbons, they have to find what fraction of the kite is the corresponding color.

TEKS: 5.2(A). Audience: 5th Grade. Behavior/Condition: The students will be able to represent the value of each decimal digit by placing the number in the correct box and see which place value it represents. They can also write the number in expanded notation by doing this worksheet.

Comma butterflies! Cute! Find other ideas for teaching compound sentences at this blog post too! There are also other grammar ideas at this blog!

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