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Friendship Skills Board Game from FunTeach on - (8 pages) - This is a fun game to help students learn actions that help them make friends.

Social Skills WANTED Posters

I got this GREAT idea from one of our 2nd grade teachers who makes these every year with her students and turns them into a cute friendship book. I made these with my 1st grade boys social skills g...

To Share or Not to Share? Using the Sharing Rules SMARTboard lesson

This interactive guidance lesson helps students get out of their seats to learn the sharing rules. Students drag pictures into either share or do not share categories.To Share or Not to Share by Erika Friday is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Cubber's Choice is an example of how one school made their own version of Kelso's choices using the lion mascot.

I-Statements, Empathy, & Feelings: OH MY! Game and Printables

Help+your+students+learn+how+to+make+I-Statements,+show+empathy,+and+express+their+feelings+with+this+fun+game! Contents: Game+board 4+game+pieces 24+I-statement+cards 24+empathy+cards 9+Feelings:+Angry,+Sad,+Worried,+Proud,+Excited,+Surprised,+Embarrassed,+and+Happy 3+Posters++(8+1/2+x+11) 3+Coloring+pages I-statement+worksheet+(color+and+black+