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Victor/Viktor Nikiforov / JJ / Yuri on Ice / #yoi

JJ: In your opinion,what is the height of stupidity? Yurio: How tall are you?

Jean-Jacques Leroy ❄ Lee Seung Gil | Yuri!!! on Ice #JJ #funny

Jean-Jacques Leroy and Lee Seung Gil | Yuri!!! on Ice #JJ

"Let's JJ style!" - Yurio, Victor, Yuuri, Seung-Gil and JJ - Yuri!!! on Ice by スカ on pixiv

yuri, YuriOnIce, victor, haikyuu, kagehina - iFunny :)

Okay guys here comes a list of the people I ship in YOI so far •Viktor and Yuuri (well duh) •Yurio and Otabek •Guang Hong and Leo •Chris and JJ •Emil and Michele •Sara and Mila •Phichit and Seung-gil And let's not forget! •Yuuko and Takeshi And I also very very low key hope Yakov and Lilia get back together because I do think they kinda... fit together? You feel? ● Tags: #yurionice #yoi #victuri #vikturi #victuuri #viktornikiforov #victornikiforov #yuurikatsuki #yurikatsuki…

This is why Yuri Plisetsky is my son