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Nanostructures and Nanotechnology by Douglas Natelson

Un ejército de nanorobots para localizar y destruir tumores desde dentro. Noticias de Tecnología

TILG Nanotechnology Crowdfunding Support Team a, division of Rare & Uncommon Crowdfunding Campaign Strategies

TJ. Nanotechnology will play a key role in the post-genome sequencing era, since even revolutionary methods will be able to develop on a nanodevice, and it is applicable to the analysis of DNA, mRNA, protein, and other biomolecules. Recent progress in nanotechnology based on nanofabrication, nanocoating, and molecular nanotechnology is expanding the possibility of nanobiotechnology from genomics and proteomics to medical applications, including preventive medicine based on point-of-care…

How scientists are developing the robot doctors of the future

How Scientists Are Developing The Robot Doctors Of The Future | The emerging field of microrobotics has a medical aim: build microscopic bots that behave much like bacteria but can propel themselves through the bloodstream to perform surgery and deliver drugs in the most targeted way imaginable. [Future Medicine: Nanotechnology: Future Robots:]