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How cute are these sea horse earrings - WANT.LOVE.NEED Zoe & Morgan | Sea Horse earrings by zoe and morgan

Piwakawaka Ear Jacket

PIWAKAWAKA EAR JACKET | An interpretation of NZ's fearless little Piwakawaka bird, which fancifully displays its pretty fantail - inspiring us by it's playful nature and bold feather textures. Hand made from 925 sterling silver, set with a black spinel. Black Spinel is a protective stone that encourages inspiration and empowerment within those who wear it by calming anger, resentment, and repelling negativity. #zoeandmorgan

For us the Eye of the Tiger means the ability to see yourself and life fearlessly. It takes bravery to accept your own flaws and is the first step towards being able to transcend them. The tiger never gives up when the going gets tough. Collaboration with Minka Sicklinger for Zoe and Morgan. 925 Sterling Silver hand made with carved detailing.