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Positive Role Model TV for Girls

Finding positive role models for girls on TV isn't as easy as it should be. But if you dig a bit, you'll uncover a few gems that will show girls and women in a positive light. Talk to girls and boys about how women are portrayed in the media and what kinds of stereotypes they see. These discussions can counteract harmful messages kids get about body image, sexuality, and role models.

TV That's Good for Boys

Boys have a lot of great TV to choose from with strong male characters in leadership roles. But for a show to be truly great for boys, it also needs to avoid stereotypes -- of both boys and girls -- and offer up a world that's made of male and female characters.

Awesome Games for Boys

Not all boys' games are created equal -- some have much better role models than others. We've collected some of our favorites here that let gamers see what it's like to be everything from a fireman to an animal rescuer to superheros to a puzzle master.

Movies with Incredible Role Models for Boys

Boys deserve more than action-hero role models, and these incredible movies offer examples of kindness, selflessness, gentleness, and sensitivity -- examples that are good for everyone to see but especially for boys, who too often are bombarded with messages that they should be strong no matter what.

Upgrade Your Daughter's Celebrity Role Models

If your daughter's love of Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, or Selena Gomez is inching dangerously close to idolizing superficiality, introduce her to female role models who have a bit more substance.

Build a LEGO Zipline

We’ve been having so much fun sharing LEGO ideas this week as part of LEGO Week over at Toddler Approved! Aidan (age put together this zip line, but the boys who spent the most time playing with it were our almost 6 year old and 3 year old. Here is th

Kid's Playtime Felt Band Aid Box & Band Aids

Felt bandaids made with velcro so they can be stuck to stuffed animals.

Sight Word Tablets (Pre-Primer)

Sight Word Tablets! Print a sight word iPad for every single sight word! So much FUN!