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MARGARET TUDOR, QUEEN OF SCOTLAND, eldest daughter of Henry VII, king of England, by his wife Elizabeth, daughter of Edward IV, was born at Westminster on the 29th of November 1489. She married James IV of Scotland on the 8th of August 1503. Through her, the throne of England passed to the Stuarts.

Miniature of Lady Jane Grey (1536/1537 – 12 February 1554). Her married name was Jane Dudley, and she's also known as The Nine Days' Queen. An English noblewoman and de facto monarch of England from 10 July until 19 July 1553. She was subsequently executed. The great-granddaughter of Henry VII through his younger daughter Mary, Jane was a first cousin once removed of Edward VI.

HENRY STEWART, LORD DARNLEY, or Henry Stuart, Earl of Ross and Duke of Albany, second husband of Mary, Queen of Scots, was the eldest son of Matthew Stewart, Earl of Lennox (1516-1571), and through his mother Lady Margaret Douglas (1515-1578) was a great-grandson of the English King Henry VII.

Mary Tudor, Henry VIII's younger sister, is not to be confused with Mary Tudor, Henry's daughter, who is known as Bloody Mary. Henry's sister was first married to Louis XII of France, much against her will. She was 19 at the time; Louis was 52. He only lived for 3 months after the wedding -- Mary then secretly married Charles Brandon, the Earl of Suffolk -- a close friend of Henry VIII's.

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The young Princess Elizabeth. Probably around 15 years old. She holds her Protestant Bible prominently. She is the symbol of the Reformation as she holds the Holy Book front and center. A subtle reminder to her supporters that she is the future. Scholars say that Elizabeth knew how to use her image and was the first monarch to realize the power of the image in promoting herself. (Nothing new under the sun is there?)