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This is my favourite of all Escher's work. Mainly because of the level of detail involved, along with the contrast in the image between the black and white sections. I also find, that the illusion of how one section you can see a normal tower structure with water flowing. Then when you look properly, you can see that in fact it is on the same level, as each section is hidden behind each other. On my wall........

Renowned planet killer and artist: Adam Burn

Dark Tower: The Drawing of the Three - The Sailor #3 (of 5) #Marvel @marvel @marvelofficial #Max #DarkTower #DrawingOfTheTree #TheSailor (Cover Artist: Jay Anacleto) Release Date: 12/14/2016

The first LP I ever bought, way back in 1981. I remember getting the bus to town, going into Woolworths and handing over my hard earned money. I got home and placed my pride and joy on my very cheap and tacky Fidelity HF42 Portable Record Player. I may have only been eleven but in my eyes I became a man that day. I must climb into my parents attic and see if I still have it, Coz the newer CD version just doesn't sound the same. but I'm probably biased. Where did the Years go?