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14 Funny Situations Only True Book Lovers Will Understand

If you're a true book lover, you know you have a slightly different perspective on the world. You understand things others never will.

Some British first world problems... Is it really? Not stereotypes intended!

Some British first world problems…

Huntress on

True, except It was always really weird because I live in West Virginia, and the would be equivalent to District 12. And I noticed that they still carry on the coal industry and things like that. So, it was always kind of relatable......sort of.

"Steeeeeve. I'm just being honest. You are the one that keeps Tony and Clint from blowing half the world up." "Buck-" "What? I'm being honest. Does Captain America want me to lie about my birthday?" "Fine. But when IRS comes knocking, I'm not bailing you out." "Eh, we'll just blame it on Tony."

Draco: "Oh, God! I've become a goody two-shoes! My father WON'T hear about this! If anyone tells him, you're dead! Do you hear me??" Everyone: *nods vigorously.*

True, very true. Disney's basic mentality is "Oh, look at all the terrible things these nice characters have gone through! They should live happily ever after."