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Over thinking kills happiness.<br/> Insecurities kills self-esteem.<br/> Lies kills trust. Check More #Quote at http://sumnanquotes.com/random #SumNanQuotes

Never expect things to happen, because its better to feel surprised than to feel disappointed. ♥ SumNan Quotes

Hugs freakin rock!! They're like an instant jolt of warm fuzzy feel good magic..... unless it's a forced hug from somebody u don't like then it's like a shot glass full of turpentine...lit on fire..with smoldering charcoal cubes and a shit straw to suck it down through...or something like that.

happiness <3 I told you @Lauren Davison Davison Davison Moores I need to hang around you (& your family) MORE!! You are a good influence! So positive:)

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