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Awww... the first time I met Courtney Clark and our baby cupcakes from our fun day! Lucky to call her one of my best friends now :) Seeing old pics makes me miss the old shop.

Digging through all cake files today I guess... having fun looking at some flash backs. Leaves me inspired to make some new cakes :)

Has to be one of my favourite cakes to date :) ... For one of our amazing staff Shaelyn... who married one of my best friends Aiden :)

Emma with cuppy cake - considering she is approaching my height now and here this cupcake looks massive with her. I think she was in JK here... now in grade 4! AHHH!

Grinch - one of my all time favourites. The most amazing couple took me out for dinner to plan their off the wall wedding cake. When I delivered it I thought we had gone to the wrong hall... it was such an elegant wedding. I was thrilled to have this as one of my very first wedding cakes. Seems like forever ago now.

Anther throw back cake... if you're ever looking for wheat grass try Booster Juice! Took me forever to locate. But they will sell it to you by the sheet. Just give them a heads up as they don't always have lots of it.

This was a major group effort back in 2008... I had a number of cake friends come by and help me work through all those details. Still one of my favourite cakes