This is a shout out to my sis. I known you a long time. You practically raised me because the family was never there. I want you to know you are my true best friend..Just a couple months ago I said something that I regretted saying and i am going to apologize for it. I feel we went through a lot together, it was messed up to not invite me to the wedding. I even tried apologizing many times bt i am going to be the bigger man. If you ever need me, i am just a phone call away. Always Love…

So true. Just hate being judged. There is so much going on in my life, it just really sucks. The list is so big, nobody would understand me. keep my faith through it all though. I have nobody else and i know i don't need anybody else but sometimes it can still get lonely. A man need someone to talk his problems too but God will give me the strength. Patience = Love

Jesus i just need your help. I been praying every night. I have been doing so great with everything in my life, even trying to show my family love even though i really dislike their ways. I been so good. Yet going through so much. I just need grace!! I feel like im working real hard yet still in that bad season, i will not worry because i know soon it will be alright. I am going to be patient and always still praise you through it all and not push you out of my life.

Lord i am not going to worry about such foolish things anymore. I know you will handle it, you did it before and will do it again. i will be patient because I trust you. I just want to say thanks for all you did for me already. So many miracles that i did notice. i'm sorry i didn't show appreciation back then but Jesus I look up to you everyday now. i will never stop. You are my rock and my everything. Hallelujah!! Thank You For everything Jesus! i love you

Yes. And those that do believe aren't worth your while. I am reposting this from my friend , Jenny Seidenberg's board. Today she rests in Jesus' arms after a fatal car accident. This quote is sooo true of Jenny and I cannot believe she is gone from us.

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